Quotes Powerful! Must see! Quotes
Andrea Logan

Quotes I would like to take the time to say Thank You Minister Valerie Allen and the whole entire team of "Here We Are to Worship: In Spirit And In Truth" Film Documentary" for allowing me, Timothy Pirtle to be apart on this anointed project. Stay Blessed! Quotes
Timothy Pirtle
Actor, New York, NY

Quotes It was such a blessing to literally see this assignment on the big screen! Awesome! Keep on keeping on! I am reminded of a dream that I had a long time ago for my Bishop! There was an event she was having in her home and people were beginning to leave her home, however , she is a woman who is on a mission with Great Vision! In this dream she begin to share her heart so we begin to pass this huge bucket around the room with literally only 6 people remanding. When this bucket got back to her you talking about $, lord lord the $ was running over! How? 6 people c'mon that should have been at the bottom of the barrel! You took a big huge risk and God loves Risk takers! Your faith has been Increased! I had to share this with you because I know there is an overflow on the way for this project! Quotes
Lady Diana Washington-Flagg

Quotes We support you and can air it international. Quotes
La Virgil-Maldonado

Quotes Awesome! We are airing this event all day everyday! Quotes
Pastor S. Jamont Flagg

Quotes HERE WE ARE TO WORSHIP PRESENTS AN EXCELLENT FILM DOCUMENTARY! Please support my Sis ~ Minister Valerie Allen with her first amazing film project! TGBTG! Four dynamic women life testimony!! Quotes
Tina L. Lane

Quotes Minister Valerie that documentary was very well done and very moving. Much success on this project. Quotes
Dr. Pastor Brenda Pittman

Quotes Great piece of work and Documentary! Enjoyed the Trailer clip! Wish I was there to see the Premier! Quotes
Denise Parker Wright

Quotes Hallelujah for Souls will be blessed! We know the devil is a liar, But how many are willing to tell the truth! Quotes
Rasheeda Wilkins

Quotes Awesome! Quotes
Renda Darby McLurkin


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    Minister Keith E. Johnson

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