Founder and CEO

Minister Valerie Allen is the grateful and humble executive producer and filmmaker of Churches Making Movies, Christian Film Festival, NOMINATED BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM 2014, Here We Are To Worship: In Spirit And In Truth; writer of I AM INSPIRED, The Book Series. Her writing has appeared in publications such as, (U R Inspired Online Christian Magazine) and The Christian Chronicles, The Tri-State Christian Community Newspaper.

Allen's overall work include, but not limited to first Documentary Film, premiering SOLD OUT at the AMC Loews, Spring 2012, Elizabeth, New Jersey; self-published book, I AM INSPIRED The Beginning, appearing in ForeWord Review Magazine Co-Op Advertisement and Ingram Advance Announcement September – October 2009 and a participator of the Beijing China and Frankfurt Germany Book Fairs Fall 2009, with leads from the Frankfurt Germany Fall Book Fair; articles, "Can’t", her first article ever written, published in her high school newspaper, Malcolm X Shabazz High School, Newark, New Jersey; From Service To Serving, Reported by Valerie Allen; and poetry, My Son and First Steps, which won print in Poetry Press Publication.

In as much as Allen's first article published in high school was one of her proudest moments, it was then she understood she was destined to write and publish. But never in her wildest dreams did she think of becoming a BLOGGER of "How I See & Say It"; Host and Facilitator of Sis-To-Sis Talk and Pray Women's Fellowship and Instructor of God's Talents & Abilities Training Program, with a virtual graduating class of 10 and Host and Intercessor of Powerful Intercessory Prayer, in addition to being an overall thriving CEO of Here We Are To Worship Ministries, faith-base, community group, non-profit organization and more than she ever imagined.

She earned a 4.0 grade point average in English, from elementary school through college, wherein, during that time, Allen was also delighted that God granted her to be a recipient of the Cromby Speech Scholarship Award 1996 and Student of the Year Award 1996, Chaffey Community College, Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Allen also earned a Certificate of Evangelism, Eastern Bible Institute of Newark, New Jersey. She also received recognition awards, such as Scholastic Achievement Award (General Bible I); Scholastic Achievement Award (Evangelism); Good Attendance Award (General Bible I and Evangelism), Living Waters Christian Education, Inc., Newark, New Jersey 2000.

Minister Valerie Allen is without doubt, the proud recipient of the December Author / Speaker Powerful Women N Spotlight Winner 2009, Powerful Women Alliance Group and a Participator of the 2009 Releasing Your Inner Power Conference & Awards Ceremony Presented by CEO of Performance Strategies Unlimited Training Corporation and Empowered Best Selling Author/Motivational Speaker and Founder of Powerful Women Alliance Group, Minister Lilisa J. Williams, Union, New Jersey in which she is a recipient of WOMAN OF POWER AWARD In Recognition Of Her Outstanding Service of Empowerment; the First Annual Exploring Your Ministry Conference, African Methodist Episcopal Church-Newark District Women in Ministry, 2000, St. Paul, A.M.E. Church, East Orange, New Jersey; Celebrity Read in 2000: Mount Vernon Elementary School, Newark, New Jersey, and George Washington Carver Elementary School, Newark, New Jersey in collaboration with Living Waters Ministries Worldwide, Inc., Newark, New Jersey.

Allen, called out, serves as Minister of the Gospel of Yeshua, The Christ in "training for reigning for who she is, and yet to be revealed" through SEED Faith Ministries International, Inc., Apostle B. Alexander and Prophetess Mona Lisa Ingram.

Allen has had the honor of holding positions as Director of Sis-To-Sis Talk And Pray Women's Fellowship; Acting Business Business Manager of Psalmist and  Gospel Recording Artist, Rev, Andrea Tatum; President of New Life Empowered Women's Ministry (spring boarded from her inspired book, I AM INSPIRED The Beginning), New Life Multicultural Center, Union, New Jersey; Founder & President of A Fresh Tomorrow Mentoring Program, Females Ages 13-25 years old & up; as well as Volunteer Director of Administrative Service for Yvonne Garret Moore, Newark, New Jersey Mayoral Candidate 2010; an AVON Sales Upline Leader and Independent Sales Representative; and served as Coordinator of Missions, Living Waters Ministries Worldwide, Inc., Newark, New Jersey; Coordinator of Special Events and Sunday School Teacher, Fountain Of Love Christian Fellowship, Ontario, California; Children’s Church Volunteer, Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministries, in Edison, New Jersey; Volunteer of the American Red Cross of the Metropolitan Area in New Jersey in relationship with Living Waters Ministries Worldwide, Inc., Newark, New Jersey; and an Employee in corporate America in Administration of the United States of America for more than twenty-one years.

Minister Valerie Allen is simply a phenomenal executive producer, filmmaker Blogger, author, writer, business and event planner, and organizer; contributor, prayer warrior, preacher, teacher, trainer, speaker, consultant; business woman and host and facilitator; mentor, proud mother of two valor sons and grandmother of three virtuous granddaughters.

There is no doubt, Minister Valerie Allen, is without question called to worship called, "in spirit and in truth, in making impact change on other lives.

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"May you remain inspired to inspire, to worship HIM in spirit and in truth!"